Discover Stonington Country Club

Tucked away off a country road among 155 acres of rolling hills and meadows – yet conveniently located just one mile north of exit 91 on I-95 – is one of America’s most enjoyable golfing experiences. Stonington Country Club founded in 1988 is a pioneer in restoring focus on the essential equities of Scottish-style golf — the joy of the outdoor, camaraderie and good health. The club’s primary focus is on maintaining a beautifully designed and meticulously maintained golf course, offering players of all levels a fair but challenging golfing experience. Its amenities are modern yet appropriately conservative.  They include a handsome clubhouse, catered dining, full service bar, tennis and platform tennis, and extensive practice facilities befitting our emphasis on golf development by our outstanding staff of professionals.  Stonington Country Club was founded on the premise that the quality of the game of golf it delivers is more important than any non-golf related social activities it provides. What makes the club unique is our approach to delivering a valuable golfing experience.  We call this “Ready Golf.”

Experience “Ready Golf”

Stonington Country Club’s approach offers more flexibility, availability and superior pace of play on a true in-the-country course compared to other clubs.  “Ready Golf” means:

-Unlike other private or public courses, no tee times are required, except on the busiest of holidays like July 4th.  The club is ready when you are.

-Unlike other clubs, the course is accessible to members seven days a week unless it is reserved for USGA tournament play or a corporate sponsored event when members have access for part of the day.  Again, our aim is to be ready when you are.

-Unlike other clubs, we advocate no more than 4 hours and 20 minutes for 18 holes and 2 hours for 9 holes, unless there are specific prior-exceptions due to health or acts of God.  Our professional staff and membership actively monitor and coach good pace of play.  We believe in the Scottish sentiment that golf should be “Just enough walking to have a good game and just enough game to have a good walk.”

You can choose to walk or ride, play 9 or 18 holes, each time you play.  The course’s 155 acres of beautiful, rolling countryside was originally designed to be very walk-able and playable within the prescribed USGA time parameters. “Ready Golf” means we agree to hit when ready and that putting for anything over a triple bogey is a waste of everyone’s time and money.  We all contribute to this ethic which means we readily defer to faster players without reservation.

“Ready Golf” also informs the character and tonality of Stonington Country Club.  A true in-the-country orientation that is formally competitive yet without stuffiness and intimidation that some clubs project.  It is no wonder why Stonington Country Club has the largest men’s and women’s league play of any club in the area.

Introducing the New “Preview” Membership Option for Individuals – Stonington Country Club provides an innovative selection of membership opportunities, designed to encourage diversity of golf enthusiasts at different life stages.

Competitively-priced family memberships offer an unparalleled golfing opportunity in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Now, for the first time, we are offering attractive and affordable memberships for individuals, male and female of all ages, who are ready for our unique golfing experience. This “Preview” offering enables a sponsored candidate to enjoy up to two years of golf and camaraderie, 30 rounds each year and unlimited use of all practice facilities for a highly attractive dues payment with no initiation fee required.

All members and junior players enjoy excellent instruction from PGA golf professionals.

You are invited to play at our club anytime – and experience the freedom and enjoyment of “Ready Golf”.